Setting Up A Remote Legal Cashiering Function for SMB Legal Practices

Ascentant are experts in creating an Outsourced Legal Cashiering system for businessses like yours, outlined below are the fundamental processes we would go through to implement it.

Practice Management System Access


The PMS maybe hosted online via a Cloud platform such as LEAP or Clio– In which case, we should be easily able to access the system via a web browser or online program. We will require a license to be able to access the system and undertake postings.

Supplier Hosted

The PMS maybe hosted by the Software Supplier on their own servers. Permission will be required by the Software Supplier to provide access to the supplier hosted version of the PMS and possible Citrix connection. Costs will include a user license and possible Citrix or network charges by the software supplier.

Locally Hosted

If the PMS software is stored locally on the firm's server or a single desktop computer – a connection into your network is required. There are various ways of doing this that vary depending on your current setup and what the best approach for us to be able to connect is. Overall, we try to keep our solutions as flexible as possible and we should be able to find one suited to you. Costs will usually include a user license, any hardware required and any negligible subscription costs for remote software such as Teamviewer.

The simplest solution is a remote desktop connection to a server utilising remote desktop services.
Another method available is connecting to a server with the capability to host a virtual machine. We could then remote connect to a virtual machine within your network.

If you don’t have a server to make previous solutions possible, we could also set up a physical desktop computer onsite that we will be able to access remotely using software such as Teamviewer. This would require the most time to setup but would be a working solution if others are not possible.

If none of these solutions would be suitable for your firm, we would have to discuss other possible options for access.

Bank Account Access

We will need access to your bank account on either a read-only or input-only basis to be able to run regular bank reconciliations, check for receipt of funds and input payments.

This can take the longest to set up third party access for, depending on your bank and banking system.

Document Exchange Protocol

We will need to agree on how to share documents, chits and exchange information for processing such as payment requests, supplier invoices, client bills, etc.

Client Portal

Clients are able to use our secure client portal for upload and exchange of documents, signing of payment requests or e-chits or completing electronic forms.

Internal Email Address

If provided with an internal email address (eg, we are able to receive and forward documents using this.

Internal Document Storage

If provided with VPN or hosted desktop access, we are able to utilise shared Accounts spaces for sharing documents.

Financial Reports

As part of our due diligence and to ensure that records have been kept compliantly and that we are able to receive a full handover, we do need to see a copy of:

  • Last Office and Client account bank reconciliation (including reconciliation page, bank statement, cash book and matter balances along with outstanding items).
  • A copy of your matter balance report.
  • Ideally where possible a copy of your breach log, identifying potential issues.


To get started we need:

  • Access to your PMS system – Via remote desktop or provision of login details.
  • Access to your bank account for read-only or input-only access.
  • A decision on which method of document exchange to utilise.
  • Your last set of finalised bank reconciliations, including the reconciliation page, bank statement, cashbook, matter balances and schedule of unreconciled items.

© Written by Kevin Drew
Managing Director - Ascentant Ltd
ILFM Qualified