Legal Financial Services, IHGT/CGT and Business Valuations

Our Accountants provide support to Family and Private Client Teams by way of business valuations and assistance in completing tax returns.

Business Valuations

If you are working on a financing project, divorce or restructuring, you may need assistance in valuing a business.

Our accountancy team are able to value a business for the purposes of a financial settlement by looking at factors such as the structure, assets, earnings and debts. We are able to provide independent advice at arms length from the legal transaction and without bias.

Tax Returns

Our accountancy team are able to assist Private Client Teams and others with completion and filing of Self Assessment Tax returns and dealing with Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax.

If dealing with the tax affairs of somebody that has died, it maybe necessary to file a Self Assessment Tax Return on behalf of the deceased

When dealing with disposal of property or assets, there maybe a requirement to deal with Capital Gains.

Ascentant can also assist with advice, preparation and filing of the inheritance tax return for solicitors and advising on penalties and interest for late filings.