Help In Migrating Practice Management Systems

Are you considering changing your Practice Management System or migrating to another system? Do you need assistance in analysing and scoring potential PMS's or assistance through the migration? Ascentant are experienced in Practice Management Systems such as P4W, ALB, LEAP Legal and Insight Legal.

Ascentant are experienced in selecting PMS systems, migration and training, from ground level legal cashiering to top level finance director knowledge to ensure that migrated director is quality checked, accurate and able to be audited.

Will you migrate opening balance or full data transactions? Will you have access to your old PMS post migration? Will the new PMS integrate with your workflows and be fully compliant with your regulatory requirements?

  • Project Management of migration
  • Scoring of potential systems
  • Data analysis of trial balance, financial reports and client/matter reports
  • Collation of data for migration
  • Set up of new PMS
  • Set up of new PMS financial controls and settings
  • Import of new PMS data
  • Training on new PMS